Sunday, February 17, 2013


One pretty fantastic day of celebration and joy! 
  Thankful for my little family and the time I got to spend with each member today! I loved and appreciated each one of my wishes and calls and messages and texts!  I felt so special the entire day! Thank you:). 
34 feels pretty spectacular!

A day in pictures below:   
Sewing with Ava early Saturday morning, she's getting so good at designing and creating things.. of course we needed a Star Wars purse, made fem with our lavender bird ;)
Leo and Ava got invited to a superhero party that afternoon, here's a picture of Leo in full Superhero mode, and Ava being Ava.

Maximus, KJ, John and Mr. Rigby and I had cupcakes to celebrate while the bigs were eating cake at the other party.

John and I went to Sur La Table and made a 4 course meal together {and then ate it :)} which was probably the most fun I've had at dinner in 34 years!  We loved it and the meal prepared was absolutely delicious!  I'll have to make it for you one day ;)

 This looks to be a fabulous year!

Excited for what's to come :)


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