Thursday, March 24, 2011

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Branching Out for Japan!  
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Having a great week this week--We're getting our shower fixed upstairs this week causing me to be a bit more home bound than I normally would be on any given day and thus enabling me to get much accomplished!  I'm in that post addition nesting phase (translation:  weeding out things to make the addition of one more, to an already full home, welcome) :)  WE ARE IN LOVE with Kalliope Jude, such a joyful blessing, we couldn't have pictured a sweeter little offspring!

Pictured here smiling with oldest sibs and Papou :)

Last week the Little Bird crew headed to Houston, TX to enjoy the last half of our Spring Break together at Papou and Yia Yia's house--our first adventure since Kalliope's arrival.  Boy, were we all ready!  That trip and grandparent get away was just what each of us needed.  We took in some sites while we were there as well--NASA, the kids loved it and the Farm, who doesn't love to get down and dirty feeding the animals and riding horses?? 

Manning the sheep

 It was a perfect break, we all came back with renewed spirits and fresh energy after.  Ready for Spring!

The official Crew Pic!

Wishing you a great end of your week and a Happy Weekend!

The FALL promo is still in effect and The Profits for Japan goes through April!  

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Let us know how you're lives have been impacted since this latest disaster?  
I'd love to hear:)

Wishing you warmth, Love and happiness--

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