Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Little Bird's Giveaway #2!!!

Last week was my first ever Little Bird Giveaway and I learned SO much!  For one, this week I will have clear, stated, outlined rules so there is NO confusion and it will make it all that much easier for you to enter and increase your chances in winning :)  

Thank you to ALL who participated last week,
it was a huge success and too much fun!

So without further ado:  
This Week's Little Bird Vintage Designs Second EVER Giveaway!!!!!!!

A Maximus the Octopus Long Sleeved DTG Print Tee!  
Available in sizes 6 mos-5/6 T!! 

This will coordinate perfectly with that Maximus Octo Tote you've been eying or any other Little Bird Product, for that matter :)  Your little bird is sure to love it!

How to ENTER:

*Leave a comment here at the Chirp

How to ENTER many times over:

*Become a member of our Flock by following us

*Visit our collection at little bird vintage designs and heart the shop, a specific item or two ... 
(each heart gets your name entered again :))

*Share this on your Facebook Page, 
be sure to Facebook us and tell me about it :)

*Tweet about us and 
then send me a tweet letting me know at littlebirdvint

*Purchase a coordinating Little Bird Item-
-Every item purchased ='s an entry :)

*Purchase a Little Bird donation item and get entered 2x's 
(once for your purchase, once for the item that will be donated)
Check out our branching out section to find out which items are highlighted.

*Blog about us on your Blog and get bonus entries for all the ones that say they heard about it via your Blog :)

*Send us a picture of your little bird enjoying their 
Little Bird gear!!

Names will be drawn at random from a witches hat at 5 PM on Wednesday October 27th  
by Maximus himself.  
Announcement of official winner and pictures will be posted that evening.

Good luck to all!


sharon said...

You are doing a great job! I am so proud to have known you all these years, and boy would that shirt look good on my little Max. Heres to you!

erin said...

loving those sleeve cuffs!! :-)

Taryn said...

Love webpage and love, love that cute T. Good JOB!

little bird vintage designs said...

Sharon--I definitely think your Max needs one of these! Thank for your comment--totally made me smile :)

little bird vintage designs said...

E--I know, These shirt styles are too cute :)

little bird vintage designs said...

Thanks T! There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you--my very first blogger bud!

Lizzie Brown said...

Adam loves his tees. They're so soft and comfy.

Jessica said...

I'm loving that you have long sleeves now. Too cute.

Casey Hilty said...

I heart the octopus... it would look super cute on James or Leyson :-)

Jennifer said...

Love it! I'm thinking that shirt would look great on Cole. :)

Scott said...

Mak loves his short-sleeved octopus tee. It's getting cold up here, so we need something a little warmer!!