Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fat and Happy this Tuesday! Happy Mardi Gras

My housekeeper has been away since Thanksgiving (she returned this next week, yesterday to be exact!!!).  In her absence I have been begrudgingly learning to clean my own house and fold and keep my own families laundry straight and in order ... Thanks in part to many a mom of multiple blogs and DIY sites, I made it through and we're all a happier, much more clutter free home because of it with an extremely  higher respect and appreciation for all that our housekeeper affords us.  

It was a good eye opening experience to undertake.  Definitely doable, and needed in all honesty.  Sometimes you need that 'drop' to realize you're not as helpless and under as you had once thought ...  Upon her arrival on Monday, I was a bit nervous to see her first impressions back.  Should I messy up the place a bit to show her she was missed, or will she be proud of my efforts which, I hope will allow her to do more thorough cleaning now that I've gotten the laundry and clutter under control ...  I was in luck. The entire house was in complete disarray. She felt completely needed, missed and welcomed back.  Whew :)  

This morning, still on a spotless high from her big return into our life Monday, I relished in the fact that I did not have to work deep cleaning bathrooms into my Tuesday today.   
Extremely thankful for you Isabel!

I wish for you this Fat Tuesday:  
A day of joyful, chore-free celebration!
Our token to New Orleans, all 6 of us in the heart of the French Quarter last March, I think ...

Laissez les bons temps rouler!


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