Sunday, February 10, 2013

Favorite Things #1: Tuna Salad

This will officially be my very first recipe POST!

I've decided to make my Chirp a bit more personal.  I am a lover of things.  Once I acquire something wonderful, I spread it!  I let every single person I contact that day know about it, and then if another friend happens to enter the convo late, I retell about it!  That's how joyous I am about the favorite things in my life.  

It's a pretty simple list, so I decided I'd start sharing with my Flock. 

             {Super mom moment..}
We found out in January of 2009 that my one year old lion, Leonidas had FOOD ALLERGIES.  Oh dread.  He had a Peanut, Milk and Egg allergy.  I remember the moment I got the call from our pediatrician with the test results:  He was sitting at his table in front of me eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a big cup of milk!  Awesome.

Leo at 17 months:  A true lover of living he is :)

I immediately started revamping our entire household diet to accommodate.  One gem I found from the many: Tuna Salad made with French Vinaigrette {I got my recipe from the old school Joy of Cooking cookbook, but really like version.} and instead of Dijon mustard, I use dry mustard..  I guess I just make my own version because mine is much more simple to put together, but for those who enjoy actual measurements and true ingredients and instructions, please refer to the recipe ;)

So I make mine with REALLY, REALLY good tuna to start with, such as canned Yellow Fin from Central Market or Fresh Albacore Tuna canned from Wholefoods 365, and make sure they're packed with EVOO.  I then drain, because it will have the soaked goodness from the EVOO it was packed in, but will be ever enhanced when I add my personal EVOO to it, thanks to a lifetime supply directly from Greece from my Mother-in-law {one perk of marrying Greek}!  I throw into a Tupperware container that has a lid, and add equal amounts {about 2 Tbls each} of oil, red vinegar and a squirt of lemon juice.  I add a dash or 2 of dry mustard--because dry mustard enhances any dressing in my opinion--and some fresh ground pepper.   Throw in your choice of nut {pecans or almond slivers are truly divine in this, but also walnuts--your choice}, and don't forget the dried cranberries {adds the perfect sweetness}.  Next, place top securely on container and shake, shake, shake!

Enjoy alongside your favorite cracker, toasted, thinly sliced french bread {or toasted cranberry walnut bread from Central Market, YUM!} ALSO a hit on top of a fresh bed of greens with some fresh cut tomatoes and purple onions. Any time I have you over for lunch, I'll most likely make this for you alongside some fresh pitted Kalamata Olives, toasted slices of an assortment of breads, some feta and a huge bowl of salad greens;)

I must state this:***Leo doesn't really LOVE this dish like I do, but it has been a true favorite of mine since Mayo exited our life.   
Let me know if you try it--I hope you LOVE IT!


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