Thursday, February 7, 2013

Holy Moly it's been a while--Just Batching!

Went to a blogging workshop Saturday, you know to learn how I can improve my blog and increase my traffic--Guess what I learned, YOU HAVE TO ACTUALLY MAKE BLOG POSTS!!  

That's me!  Mama Bird to 4 growing little fledglings, one little monster {Rigby}, and 2 businesses, HMC3, my day job I do with school boards across the state of Louisiana, AND yes, my Little Bird Venture.  Not to mention wife, CEO and CFO to our home front, housekeeper, chef extraordinaire, chauffeur, yada, yada, yada... 

SO here's a top 10 list to catch you up on just a few of the highlights of the past couple of months since my last entry.  I'll be getting into a new habit of adding posts into my weekly agenda starting this month--so get ready for it!  

Like it or love it, you'll be hearing more from this attempting-to-do-it-all-and-knowing-I-CAN-have-it-all Mama, who just happens to work in more joy alongside motherhood via creative outlets and inspiration from my loves and friends--and future friends--
Always room for future friends ;)

#1} Pilates Reformer. I am obsessed with this class, LOVE it!  I've added to my fitness routine alongside running with my Johns :)

#2} Holidays--about 4 to be exact, since my last post!  Thankful for all the holiday sales and interest in our first Themed Blanket Our Christmas Lovie!  MY favorite this year of the 4 missed, MLK Day, which Kalliope's second birthday happened to fall on :)  We threw an AM breakfast party and then had cupcakes on our block with all of our fun neighbors after bike riding.  That day, she decided she was OVER the crib {literally} and so on Jan 22,  John and I said farewell to our final baby item from 6 years full of overwhelming joy, love and sweet memories, our baby crib.. This 4th is one spunky go getter! She was ready.  She is one super 4th, amazes me each day!  Last night (2/6) I couldn't help but get a little emotional as I checked in on her before I headed to bed..  She's growing so fast!!!

#3} January 7th, Kalliope Jude had her 1st day of school!!!!!  I don't think any one can relate in the pure liberation and freedom John and I felt as she happily exited the car with her 3 older sibs and went to the most loving wonderful Montessori school one could ever wish for all 4 of theirs to attend.  It took us a while, I realized, to fully soak it in, the freedom, the quite, the ability to get a project accomplished in full within one morning, when it used to take weeks!  It was such a joyful transition for all of us.  
So thankful.

#4} Fresh beginnings, new agendas!  In more ways than one, the new 2013 year meant so much more than usual resolutions and fresh starts.I spent the entire month since the start back of school reorganizing/uncluttering/sorting/streamlining our entire NEST!  It was as if I was nesting, but this time without the protruding belly and fatigue!  I find myself having to calm myself down so much now, and forcing myself to take a breath, there's just so much to accomplish in these hours each weekday now ;)  

January is the month I take off from Little Bird and give my sewing machines some much needed TLC and repairs and rest by sending them off for servicing forcing me to stick with the task of getting my home in order.  This January, I did just that in each and every room of our house.  I got a great system down of doing laundry {a feat in and of itself}, my kitchen is in tip top shape and so organized I actually have started to enjoy cooking!  I reached out to a lot of mommy blogs out there that specialize in organization and cleanliness and cooking...  Thankful for sights like these {,,,} and more that take the time to share!!

#5} New painted Batches!!!!  Sneak peak of Spring/Summer 2013 Collection :)

#6}  Redid each of my children's bedrooms.  Kalliope's was mainly transformed from the exit of the huge crib!  And ALL 3 bigs now share one huge Star Wars themed room and bunk beds.  I'll have to post more about that project later..  My kids were elated that so much was made just for them, and I was elated to be the maker, alongside one of the most super dads I know, our Johns :)

#7}  Date Days! and trail runs with my LOVE!!!  Something strollers and baby in tow make impossible to do together.   

#8}  Batch Sewing!!!

 #9}  Valentine's Day Blankets:  Available for V-Day delivery through Friday the 9th.

#10}  Another 3 months of living this life I've been given!  Each day I am ever so grateful and extremely thankful for the roles I play, the actions I get to take, the people that surround my everyday routine--including my neighbors:).  I am definitely looking forward to ALL that 2013 has to offer for Little Bird and promise to do a terrific job from this day forward on keeping everyone in the loop!

 Extras, because who can stop at just 10--Not this Mama...

Maximus being Maximus..

Oh yeah, My Leonidas the Great--turned 5!!!!  We celebrated Superhero style at an open Gym here in SA with no one but boy buds and sisters :) Such a big boy in so many ways :)

KJ embracing the deliciousness of her day.

Ava always knows how to get the most joy from any dessert!


 Wishing you and yours warmth, Happiness, and LOVE all the days~

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Inga Cotton said...

A triumphant blog post! I hope you feel energized about blogging after the conference. You have so many ideas and good things to share!