Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Buy Love, Give Love Campaign!!

Buy Love, Give Love

Buy One Lovie  

(for your fledgling)


Little Bird 

Gives One Blankie

(to a bird in need)


Simple Love


“I’m starting with the Man in the Mirror … 

be the change you want to see …” 

MJ, King of Pop.

     Mama Birds out there can relate, once you enter the world of motherhood, how does your heart not leap to those that have not?  I remember holding my Ava in her first few months of life as she was crying in the middle of the night, sitting up rocking her back to sleep, safe and secure in my arms, wrapped within her Lovie.  My thoughts instantly would go to those in orphanages that might not receive such immediate loving attention.  My best mommy friend at the time and the actual designer of the Ava Bird, Staci, would say, “You can’t think like that.”  Meaning, it’s an endless thought.  Hopeless.  Just be thankful that you are able to hold and care for yours. 

     Think of how you send your loved, secure child off to a MDO or time at a grandparents house, hopefully two trusted places, proven safe through extensive research on your part.  You still arm him/her with a Lovie or security blanket of some kind, even if only to be used at naptime.  John and I do with each of our 4. 

     My desire through Little Bird is to offer that sense of “security” to those without.  Something that is just for them, consistently safe and loving.  How thankful I am to have each one of my children know exactly where they will lay their head down each night.  Unfortunately that’s not an option for some, and not necessarily by the fault of their guardians.  Natural disasters as we see happening each year around our nation and world can be the cause.  And no man is an island anymore when it comes to being impacted by the global economy, whether through loss of job, or the increasing homeless population. 

     My hope is that the gift of a Little Bird Lovie or Blanket, can provide a sense of ownership, independence, pride, security, warmth, blissfulness, love.  I want each recipient to take ownership in their Lovie, their animal, whether it be the elegant strength and poise found in our signature Ava Bird, the clever and smart wit of our Leo Lion, the loveable uniqueness we see in our Maximus the Octopus, or the spunky spiritedness spotted in Kalliope our Gecko. 

     I realize the importance of such a treasured possession from watching my own children’s need for them.   I also realize that a blanket or Lovie can offer comfort to the older birds as well!  I sent one to my grandmother, who constantly reminds me how much joy she gets from wrapping up in her Little Bird Blanket. 

Our 2011 Branching Out Campaign--40 Blankets donated to SAMMinistries

To read more about our 2011 Branching Out Campaign click here :)

With the launch of Little Bird’s Buy Love, Give Love, Campaign, I want to share the joy in spreading Warmth, LOVE and Happiness with each of you.  For every Little Bird Lovie/Blanket purchased, Little Bird will donate a Little Bird Blanket to a bird in need. 

  Come take flight with us!   

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