Monday, March 25, 2013

Festival Benefiting Texas School of Austism

Festival Benefiting Texas School of Austism, 
located right here in San Antonio!!

It was such a beautiful event to be apart of.  Held on a fairgrounds kind of place, there was a park and then booth after booth of carnival like activities ~ catered to the enjoyment standpoint a child with Autism would feel.  All booths and activities were sensory based.  It was so beautiful to watch autistic children interact and play at each booth right alongside a child without Autism.

I was selling my wares there and received so much feedback--All positive, aside from my pricing ~ A bit much for a carnival guest, who would rather put money back into buying MORE tickets, of course?! 
 {Little Bird is not a thrifty product, but it is quality and unique.  I actually consider it to be a unique piece of art that will hold up for generations to come.  An heirloom piece, if you will.} 

{That may just be my own personal bias shining through} ... 

Nonetheless, it was wonderful to talk about and share about Little Bird and get peoples genuine opinions on each blanket and 
hybrid concept.  

I actually ended up selling six blankets by the end of the day, and I felt great!  I haven't done a booth in quite sometime, in fact the last time was way back in 2010 and I didn't end up selling a thing!  I don't think I could have given it away ...  But this year, Little Bird is better than I could have ever imagined.  Our new Painter Bird, Taira and I have gotten painting and the richness of 
colors down to a science.  
Every animal appliqued has approximately 4 layers of paint, which have been heat set and washed a total of 3 times before you even touch the blanket.  The blankets and their animal will not fade, they will simply get softer over time.  THEREFORE
  making them fully loveable and washable!  
We've had a few of ours for at least 6 years now, and they are still just as fantastic as the day they were made, maybe even better with each memory attached now :)

Excited to be growing with Little Bird!  
With the sale of these 6, and one more this morning, brings our total GIVE for 2013 to 15 so far!!  

Thank you for all who stopped by and said hello!

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Jessica Maldonado said...

Thank YOU so much for coming to our event. We needed every single one of you to make it the success that it was. We hope you can make it to next year's carnival, it's going to be even better! LOve, love, love your blankets:)