Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Maximus Octopus Tote--Go Eco! Give Away!!

Who doesn't love a great Tote Bag--a cute one at that :) ??
I have trillions it seems--but use them all at some point throughout their lifespan--whether it be the permanents kept in the car intended to be used at all times rather than plastic.  A make shift diaper bag for any of the three--if not all, "attache" to stash my misc writing and business gear in a pinch, a mail sack, a "junk drawer" bag, filled with misc goods that should be sorted, but get hidden for the time being... the list is endless for me :)
What's your best purpose for your tote?  
And while your on the thought--how about adding ours to your collection :)
Introducing -- Our Maximus Octopus 100% Cotton Canvas Tote 
--totally washable--oh so desirable tote bag  $12.00
Perfect as a gift for yourself of some other bird in your life!
Tell us your most outrageous purpose for your tote and one lucky name will be picked to get their Octopus Tote Bag free 
in our Tote Giveaway :) 
***Yikes!***Realized just this morning that I didn't put a deadline on this or any details other than "Free Tote" on here :)  
I'll be closing this Giveaway on Monday the 18th-
you've still got time to get your comment in!***

****Man, I stink at this!  It's my first giveaway... The winner will be drawn on Monday the 18th by Ava, Little Bird's inspiration.****
I promise to have this more laid out next time :)


Lizzie Brown said...

This is only outrageous because I live in the wrong part of the country. BUT... if I were back in NH I would use it to go apple picking.

little bird vintage designs said...

Ooooh, Apple Picking sounds like the perfect use for my tote this week :)

The Queen said...

Maybe not so outrageous...but diaper bag in a pinch! (When I don't want to haul around the giant mother ship of a diaper bag)

Grace said...

Not really outragouse but I would use it as a bag for my art supplies or school work or as a gift. But I am sure that if I really really thought about it, then I could come up with an OUTRAGOUS use for it:)

momma rae said...

we have used them to collect acorn tops in. more outrageous is when i emptied my purse to be a makeshift grocery bag when i realized we didn't have ours in the car. cute octopus! thanks for the opportunity!! ;)

Jessica said...

I use my totes mostly for groceries, or overnight bags, or purses, or car trash collectors, or storage, or anything else. We have them everywhere so we can just grab and go, although it seems like we never have enough....what's outrageous is not having a tote when you need it!

little bird vintage designs said...

Amen to that Jes! Thanks for commenting :)

little bird vintage designs said...

momma rae--I laughed out loud at this! I'm not that diligent at being green. If I forget, I use paper ... You're an inspiration!

little bird vintage designs said...

Grace--I think a gift is the perfect way to use a tote :) I love the greenness of it, the uniqueness, and the whole 2 gifts in one deal!

little bird vintage designs said...

I'm with you Queen--I grab anything to stash diaper related gear in these days... it's not pretty.

Anonymous said...

I've used my tote to carry my boy's bike helmets when we're driving to the park...also to carry the frosting I made to my cake decorating class :) not too crazy, but I love having totes around for any use! -Liz I.
chlives at hotmail dot com

Kathryn said...

I would use it for my books - taking them to bookclub and carrying them around. Cute giveaway!


Kyndal said...

We often use tote bags as a "toy box" for the car. Works perfectly on road trips and we can easily take it in the hotel room with us. :)

tracy michelle said...

First, I absolutely adore this oh-so-cute bag!

I would use it for everything, but my favorite use of totes is for library books!

Casey Hilty said...

My kids use tote bags to tote their favorite toys around... I use them when cleaning the living room. I put all of their bedroom toys in the bag and they carry them back to their rooms for me.