Friday, February 8, 2013

Breeding an Attitude of Gratitude

My husband just thanked me for going to the grocery store and taking the kids to school this morning.  Ava thanked me for making her favorite breakfast {egg and bacon breakfast tacos with a huge side of cantaloupe} this morning and also stated, "I want to be a chef, mommy, sew-er {seamstress ;)}, and doctor, when I grow up, just like you and daddy." {She also may have been buttering me up for her-later in the morning question of "can I spend my tooth fairy money this afternoon at school and buy a box of GS cookies?".. } Leo followed that with his aspirations of being Luke Skywalker ..  Just another wonderful way to start a day!

While Valentine's Day and Mother's Day--and Father's Day--are welcomed and celebrated heavily at our Nest, I am so thankful that there is a constant attitude of gratitude swarming around us on a daily basis.  Makes me feel like a Rock Star every day, and my hope is that others in my presence feel the same Rock Star status:)

School Pictures came out yesterday!!  Since it's my blog, I guess I can joyfully post them :)  John and I Live for school pics.  We love the awkwardness of them, but I have to admit, I don't think any of these turned out awkward To me they are down right perfect ;)

Maximus,  3 1/2

Kalliope, 2

Ava, 6 1/2

Leonidas, 5

the sibling shot!!

I wish you a day full of gratitude and gratefulness and LOVE. 


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