Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Festivities back at the Nest: Part II

It was pretty tough to top Saturday's big event, but I think we did!  

Sunday, we celebrated Kalliope Jude throughout the morning, who was Baptized by her Papa David, guest Pastor at Alamo Heights Methodist Church.  She was beautiful and absolutely beaming!  Papa David, who had baptized her 3 older siblings, used oil from their Daddy's family olive groves in Greece which was used way back in Ava's baptism, and then Leo's and then Maximus's and now Kalliope's.  It was such a special service, celebrating on Pentecost, we felt the definite presence of the Lord and Holy Spirit throughout the entire service.  
It was perfect.  
So thankful for each of our four and the people they are already turning into.  Looking forward to seeing all that they do as they grow each year.  Thankful I get to be fully present in each of their lives.  
Makes me so happy just being their Mommy :)

Her fan club, Yia Yia, Ava, Papou, Leo and Avia,and then Maximus on the opposite end of the pew.

Immediately following the beautiful service--we headed back to the house to host a BIG cookout with family and family friends, honoring Kalliope and MAXIMUS who is NOW 3 Years Old!!!

John grilled souvlaki, (shish-kebabs) while my mama friends helped prepare the Tzatziki Sauce--my favorite Greek side ;), a huge Greek Salad, and of course, Iced Tea.  Homemade potato salad and egg salad sandwiches, from Jenn--a family favorite!  

Chocolate cupcakes for the birthday boy and guests and a Delicious assortment of Pies from the Bird Bakery, made for a GREAT feast and Celebration!

Our Maximus is known for his mad skills in Messy, so we accommodated with water balloons--thanks to Avia filling, lots of running around in the back yard and of course, A Pinata--Maximus is a pro at the one handed Pinata bashing ;)

Our Leo, 4 1/2, was such a superstar host this weekend, genuinely happy for each of his siblings celebrations and joyful.  Made me so proud :)

The ultimate Host:  Mr. Rigby

This hug happening behind me is a favorite of mine :)

It was such a joyous day shared with many of our loves, so thankful for all who shared in our moments of joy and celebrations.  Special thanks to each of our Grandparents who came in to celebrate with us for the entire weekend, and all the help from my mother especially.  It was more of a celebration having her there beside me to help hostess. Little joys that are never taken for granted when such distance is between us.  And to my father for 4 beautiful, unique, very personal Baptisms.  Such treasured memories.   
Thanks Dad.  

THE coolest joy of having such a huge celebratory Memorial Day weekend:  A fabulous kick off to Summer!  Here's to a great one :)

Wishing you a summer full of Warmth, Love, and Happiness~

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