Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Festivities back at the Nest: Part I

We had such a wonderful weekend full of celebrations and family and friends and love!  It was fantastic!

The weekend started off with birthday celebrations with schoolmates and 
of course cupcakes!  

 These were from the Bird Bakery
a fresh new favorite place of mine to frequent, 
conveniently located right down the street from our Nest!
Ava with Leo, such cute sibs surrounded by a class full of friends :)
Maximus with big bro, Leo, serenading the ladies of course, such a cool 3 year old ;)

And the festivities have begun! 

Saturday morning Ava and I hostessed her 2 grandmothers and twelve 6 year old's to a Girls ONLY Shoe La La Tea Party-with a last minute adjustment adding in The Muppets-a new household obsession!

It was a fabulous party, full of shoe and headband decorating, friendship bracelet making and nail polish!  We had the girliest most delicious cake we could find - Again compliments to the Bird Bakery :) With Miss Piggy making a grand appearance on top.  And then rounded out the party like all good South Texans, bashing in a Pinata!
My two Memorial Day Weekend Birthday Peeps :)

Avia and Yia Yia--Ava's lovely grandmothers :)

A hodgepodge of candles--it's hard to remember everything!

The guests patiently awaiting their turn at the pinata

We actually have a permanent hook attached to our tree for Pinatas-we seem to have quite a few throughout the year ...

After such a Party, what could top that???? Dinner at Pappasito's--
to celebrate with just Fam :)  
This might have been my favorite moment of the day ...

Uncle Taunton :)

Classic Maximus, celebrating his last night as a 2 year old :)

Papou and Papa David with Leo :)

AND that was just Saturday!!

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