Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer 2012 is officially here for us back at the Nest--starting tomorrow ...

Summer is hard work!

Mommies surprise me--am I seriously the only mama who literally dreads summer--especially South Texas Summers??  It's hot!  There are only so many camps available and not for each age range, which also add ($$$) up so fast, and there are only so many times you can visit the Zoo--the animals don't even want to be out in this heat, the Witte, the Children's Museum ... 

My 2012 Flock :)

This summer though, I'm determined to love it--at least blissfully endure it.  I hired my sitter to be my right hand woman--a must have for moms with multiples--that or a super cool grandma.  I've equipped her with a GYM membership that houses our pool for our daily pool time (one cannot securely take 4 fish 6 and under to the pool solo and come back with all 4 fish--at least this one cannot ;)) and plan on making the GYM/Pool our main routine, with a little Spanish Camp and summer school mixed in, for the next 12 weeks!  

You will see one fit, sun kissed mama of 4 when school comes back around :)

Things I also plan to try out this summer in my mommying and me time to make our Nest all the more wonderful, more delicious, more pleasing to all that inhabit the Nest ...

Zumba --We're not GF or Diabetic, but we also never want to over do anything, so why not try recipes that keep you going without all that mood/energy altering stuff ... I have to admit, I cringe when I read this blog, I'm not a fan of the name--although it's probably just a nickname--Boogie, but, it's a great thought, will try it out, reblog with my own nicknames and love it :)

What are your summer routines shaping up to be?

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