Wednesday, May 2, 2012

making a difference, starting with me

We've had a full morning here at the Nest, an early business call--check, kids off to school routine--check, Rigby, our beloved 1st born, off to the groomers for his Late Spring cut--check, emails out--check, orders ready to be shipped--check, second cup of coffee and breakfast being devoured between words ;)--check!  

One of my new favorite requests of 3 of my 4 in the am on the way to school--listening to Micheal Jackson's "Man In the Mirror", I've convinced them it's our theme song ;)
 What's your family Theme Song??
 Sewing new Little Bird Sports and Lovies today!  Trying to decide on a staple color to feature our Signature Ava Bird upon ... Any suggestions?

Wishing you lots of warm fuzzy feelings today!

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