Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Joyfully Optomistic Bird, or J.O.B.~


Just Grace:

I am a mother of now 4 beautiful Little Birds who are constantly inspiring me. My 6 year old, the original inspiration of Little Bird, is an aspiring Artist or social worker or professional play date, she's pretty cool. My 4 1/2 year old plans on being a cowboy (or cowgirl at times, depending on the color boots he's wearing at the moment) but can and will be anything he sets his mind to.  My 3 year old is definitely going to be a lover, or maybe even President of the United States and my now, 16 mos old, Kalliope Jude is our go getter, and has a spunky determination to be big and do everything her older sibs can do.  She is a perfect fourth and completely makes our Nest!

My soul mate, best friend and biggest fan is my husband. He was once asked at the beginning of our relationship, "How can you stand her voice??" (It's been said I sound like a Japanese Rat...) His response, "What's wrong with her voice?" I've loved him ever since :) My biggest fear is losing him, he makes me, me.

My humongous fault (or one of): Using "We" instead of "I"--much to my mother's dismay especially. I am very aware that everything happens with a team--whether direct or indirectly. I could not have accomplished any of my successes if it were not for someone else who helped in some way--big or small. I suppose I use "We" just to ensure credit is given where due at all times.
No man is an Island.

I am a lover of Kid-less weekend's away with the one you love, although I've never taken one ...

I'm a firm believer and supporter of Mommies! I think that we are all Superhero's and demonstrate our heroic powers day in and day out. I'm so proud and honored to be apart of the motherhood group :)

Our goal here at Little Bird's is to spread warmth, love and happiness - and we are doing just that, one bird at a time.

Little Bird is passionate about mommies and mommy friendships. Little Bird Vintage Designs was created when a long distant move separated 2--Anastacia and Grace, original designers and owners, back in 2007.

USA constructed, based in Texas.
We strive to offer as much natural, organic sweatshop labor free material as possible in Little Bird production, from our organic T collection to our organic cotton quilt batting used with each bird.

Each blanket is hand painted and lovingly created, uniquely designed with care. And our Direct To Garment Print tees use eco safe inks that do not peel, they are 100% safe to produce and wear.

Little Birds has a passion for encouraging Love and support to those in need.  Check out our Buy Love, Give Love 2012 Campaign!
I personally hope you love us!  Join our flock and become a part of our story.

Flock to us at The Chirp to stay in flight with us!

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