Friday, May 11, 2012

Mama Bird GIVE AWAY!!!

Mother's Day always makes me smile :)  

This is my first in 6 years where I am not expecting, and on the verge of exploding, or nursing an infant, still adapting to our new member.  It's also the first Mother's Day where I'm not counting on John to make me feel special and loved ... SAD, but sometimes mommies only get this one day, and sometimes not even this one day to feel totally appreciated.  Not me,  AND not this year.   I'm back and comfortable in my own body without anyone else laying claim to it, and happily the mother of a very full flock of beautiful, loving, KIND, thoughtful, creative, inspiring, totally unique fledglings.  With a Husband that's able to be a pretty much full time Daddy alongside of me now, and realizes the importance of each of the roles we play together parenting this crew.  I get mother's day joy a lot throughout the year, and for that I am very, very thankful :)  
Mother's Day last year, after church we had a picnic lunch, Kalliope spit up all over her outfit--naked here, with LB Lovie, though ;)  Ava, Leo and Maximus SOOOO sweaty--Me too, probably :)  Another favorite captured moment!

I LOVE being the Mama!  

 My favorite Mother's Day Memory:  Mother's day of 2010, our last in Corpus Christi where we completed John's residency.  John, of course, was working that weekend, a resident's life, and I, at a loss for just exactly how to get through the morning with 3 kiddo's 3 and under, decided to take them to get donuts and to the car wash!  A novelty, I thought, they would love both the sugary breakfast and the entire car washing experience ... WRONG.  Maximus, 11 mos at the time, SCREAMED the entire time we were stuck in the drive through car wash, and I couldn't look back to help because I needed to look ahead and be attentive to the signals telling me when to go and when to brake and when to exit.  I knew he was safe, just probably scared of the loud sounds and dark ... WRONG again!  As we existed, I promptly pulled off to the side and turned back to see just what all the commotion was, there I saw him, soaked!  His window was cracked and water poured in on him throughout the wash:(  

I was so sad for him and for me as a mommy (a definite low point) and then sad for his 2 year old and 3 year old siblings behind him that they couldn't tell me his window was down. They were oblivious. Now, 2 years later, all dry, I can laugh about it and chalk it up to a memory :)  Thankful I have it actually, it's kind of funny.  

Little Bird Tote in either Bird, Lion, Octopus or Gecko--Your choice :)

What's your favorite Mother's Day memory??  Comment or Facebook me and I'll put each name into a drawing for a Free Little Bird Tote to be drawn on 
Mother's Day 2012, May 13th.  

Happy Mother's Day to all my Mama Birds out there, and especial to My mother and Mother-In-Law, I wish you each a day full of Celebration, Love, warmth and Joy!



Casey said...

My first mother's day, James was just 10 months old and this was the first time that Daddy planned our entire day... and he JAM-PACKED it full of stuff... from breakfast at a restaurant, to church, to a picnic for lunch (which we had to drive 25 mins home, then 25 mins back to the park across the street from our church because he wanted to pick up the dog), then 25 mins back home to drop the dog off, then back in the same direction, this time a 45 minute drive to the zoo. All forgetting that James needed his 2 naps and he screamed the entire day. Mother's Day Fail! Still makes me laugh and his attempt at an awesome day makes it a great memory!

Ann Gutierrez said...

My favorite mothers day was last year..... True I wasn't with my new expand family. But I was alive to be mommy for my 3..... This year will be pretty magical to be at home with all 3 of the kids... ;)