Sunday, May 1, 2011

And a happy May Day to ya!

I don't know what it was today--the start of a new month, the end of a long week, the finale of John's weekend of work, 
a great nights rest??  
My day began just like yesterday, way too early, nonscheduled excess chatter well before coffee and the sun, but everything went eerily better.  Moods on all accounts were brighter, no crying/hitting/fighting/shortness of temper took place. 
Breakfast was made-and devoured-happily :)  We arrived to church fully dressed, hair--and teeth brushed, early!  I even surprised the kids with a picnic lunch at the play ground immediately following the service :)  ALL 4 are down without complaint or struggle or even question for a nap, and John will be home immediately following--I made it :)  Another weekend down, 
and on a fantastic note :)  

**I'm writing this to prove to myself 
and all my Little Bird fans what a 
significance a day makes.**  

I was so full of negativity yesterday, almost like a quicksand reaction, everything just kept building and building and building.  Poor John even arrived home from work early, but it was too late, I was done.  Everything made me sad, or mad, or made me feel slighted, even down to John getting a shirt in the mail for a concert we're both going to in June and I got super offended and hurt that he didn't get one for me as well?? That's not me..  Thankfully he knows that, and got over the wrath of emotions and silent anger towards him that followed immediately after, very quickly... 

Today is a great day!  Thank you for enduring my blog and celebrating my life beside me in my great days and not so super, but still, in the grand scheme of things, pretty great days as well. :)  

Sewing happily today--instead of as a therapeutic outlet:/

Wishing you a little cool breeze, happiness, and LOVE today :)


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Anna said...

This is what I love about you Grace... the way you rebound. Taking a not so great day, letting go of it, and making an effort to make the next day better. Always living in the moment and attempting to not take a single second for granted. I often think about your positivity during my not so wonderful moments of mommyhood :)