Friday, May 27, 2011

Let the clean up begin! Arrrrghh!!

And we're done!  

We made it through the week :)  No major melt downs or fits had, and the kids did great too ;)  One thing that was soon realized this week is that it definitely takes a team spirit to get through such a whirlwind of a week of celebrations--So thankful for my Johns, he's a perfect daddy and wonderful husband:)  He not only put on such a fabulous Treasure Hunt and transformed our entire yard into a Pirate wonderland, but he made birthday pancakes for each morning of birthdays too!  

The kids are so lucky to have him:)

This week was filled to the brim with last week of school activities for all three, Snack Day Host for all three as well, 9 teacher gifts total and 2 birthday celebrations that we turned into one GIANT Pirate Fiesta!  
I LOVE planning parties, doing the decorating, baking the cake, coordinating the food and our outfits, but I was so thankful for John this week helping put our master game plan into action!  It's tough to event plan when someone is always needing you, whether it was my 4 month old, my toddler, my still growing into being a big boy, 3 year old, or my now 5 year old--
who was such a superstar this week and shined!!  

Ava has the added bonus of shining brighter through being a big sister--which can either go really wrong or really well, and she holds that title fabulously:)  She is such a great big sister, and we are each thankful for her and were so excited to give her a day of celebration!                          
  She loved sharing it with another great guy to be a sibling with, our Maximus, who loves any celebration.  

Leo embraced the pirate theme and ran with it-remaining dressed and in character well after the party :)  

I realized that it's a necessity to hire a babysitter for a party you are hosting as a mommy/daddy of 4.  One needed our complete attention at all times yesterday, so we will definitely be 
enlisting a helper for the next Berios Bash!  
The nature of being a family of 6, 4 of which are newly 5 and under. 

Here are some highlights!   

The Cakes!  Maximus had the Lost Island, Ava, Buckey the Pirate Ship

The blowing out of the candles was post Cannon Ball soaking, thus why the 2 birthday kids are out of costume--

The Treasure Map!!

The Hunt!

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