Friday, May 27, 2011

Our Octopus turns 2!

Our 2 year old--what a handful of complete joy!
My day was great. The end of a very long year here as official San Antonian's!
Today was fantastically refreshing! What a long awaited week that finally comes to a halt today! Coming down from a huge day of party prep and celebration, to heading to school this AM to greet the final day of the school year--our first and last year at Child Montessori, what an incredible feeling :) I have really not liked as much as I should have, or loved as much as I have past schools, this school. For various reasons. #1 being the commute to and from each day--it's 10 miles away, but a good 20-30 minutes one way depending on traffic, which changes from day to day. And that's about the consistency I received as a parent. There, to me, was not a consistent role as a figure head or person in charge at any moment on any given day. That frustrated me. Ava and Leo thrived there though and were cared for, so I suppose that was a great since of relief. I was ready for the end though and to begin a fresh new chapter of school in July and this Fall. Settling into our now home for a year in Alamo Heights. 

Making Alamo Heights our city within San Antonio. I can't wait :) And I'm really excited about this summer, glad it kicks off tomorrow! I have hired Meara and Tiara to help out throughout the entire month of June and really plan on making the most of this summer now that we're officially all moved in and settled, unlike this time last year, when we had just moved--this weekend in fact, and settling and unpacking seemed Monumentous!! I was newly pregnant with Kalliope as well, which made my energy non existent. and It was summer in South Texas: Hot. 

This year we have great friends, neighbors, a lived in back yard, no packed boxes in sight, and a membership to a beautiful pool and GYM! John loves his job and the schedule is fantastic! We are so lucky to be able to live out this life we have created and been so blessed with, together. 

I love us :) Happy Summer kids! 

And Happy Birthday Maximus, our never a dull moment, joyfully energized 2 year old! We are so blessed by you each day!!

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