Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Summer! 1st DAY YAY!

Enjoying our new shade!
The first day of Summer kicked off officially today at the Berios Home :) 
We spent it at home recuperating from an extra, especially long week of end of school celebrating and birthday festivities. It was so pleasant to have a worry free Saturday to fall into. 

I cleaned out the laundry room which was stuffed with unsightly objects that were hidden away for the Pirate Party on Thursday, and felt so refreshed afterwards! Ava and Leo played with their new Rocket Avia sent to Leo for Maximus and Ava's birthday--Maximus gave rides on his new cruising mobile from Papa David and Avia in honor of turning 2, Daddy rested upstairs, and came down after an entire house napped peacefully and played until he had to return to work for a night shift post bedtime. 

I made homemade french bread loaves in the oven! And they turned out PERFECT! I remember nostalgically these seemingly empty days at our house growing up. Dad and mom working on "Saturday" projects around the house, inside and out, and my brothers and I enjoying countless hours of free play and exploration--the world was ours and I hope I soaked it in more times than not. 

I wish for Ava, Leo, Maximus and Kalliope, imaginative exploring, lots of laughter and new ideas and success with fabulous memories that our bound to follow. 

I love you each :)


Lizbeth Brown said...

In our dining room there is a bench seat underneath the bay window with a secret lid. Usually before people come over I just gather everything up and throw it all in there. That still counts as cleaning up before a party, right?

erin said...

Looks like from the picture that they are creating with such fervor. I'm sure the dream up all kinds of fun adventures. I know my little ones do!