Saturday, April 30, 2011

What??? April of 2011 is over??

Sleepy today, tired.  My B-Team collectively, me especially, are extremely fortunate to now enjoy the life that we share together--it's perfect, an almost dream life, if you will ;), especially when compared to what we were sharing before July 2010--a husband in residency, a work from home, mostly edgy mommy of 3--expecting #4, a little stressed, to say the least ... 

Now that John is officially out of residency, we have vowed together for him to work only the minimum amount of shifts per month (12).  In doing so, I keep my full time job, but what a piece of cake to work it in now with him home helping out the other 18 days;) and the kids get 2 full time parents.  

We have it pretty good, I'd say.  NO room to complain, but yet, here it goes.  

*D. B. has to work 2 weekends every month, and I dread Saturdays ... I have our entire parenting life.  Sunday's are easy, and even more special when it's just the 5 of us.  We have our church activities, lunch, sometimes even open art, we love Sundays!  Saturdays stink though.  It's super hard to solo parent on a day when the majority of 2 parent homes have 2 parents home that particular day of the week ... So here I am venting about it.  I wouldn't trade our life for anything.  It's pretty incredible having D. B. around most regular days of the week, participating and helping in drop off/pick up routines, activities, pre dinner time entertainment, enjoying date days together while kids are in school :) ... But there is a tiny percentage of me that longs for that predictable 8-5 daddy weekday, guaranteed 2 day weekend off scheduled life, usually that yearning for falls on Saturdays like these.  

Today we woke up at 6ish--cause who doesn't wake up super early on a weekend???  Pancakes were demanded for breakfast, and grumpily made ... poop on the door of my 2-year-old's freshly painted--just this week--room to clean:(  My 3 month old had a leaky, very leaky diaper on me as I was herding all 4 out the door from playing at The Little Gym--my planned activity of the day, not to mention she and Leo, my 3 year old throwing a fit as we made our grand exit.  And that all occurred by 11:30 AM ...  I spent the next hour in the car stalling.  We drove to Chick-file, picked up lunch, while they picnicked in the car, I explored the roads of San Antonio, we headed home around 12:45, changed 2 diapers, washed 5 sets of hands (mine included), read 2 bed time stories and each were tucked away separately throughout the house for *hopefully* an extremely long afternoon siesta :)  Fingers crossed!

Sewing today and finishing up our March-April branching out project--All profits are headed to Japan in relief efforts from their recent devastation.  Looks like Tuscaloosa, AL should be our May relief effort--I'll keep you posted.  Keep the orders coming, it keeps me somewhat sane :)

Wishing you a little coolness, happiness and LOVE today :)

Off to catch a brief siesta myself :)

*D.B.=Daddy Berios, My Johns :)

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erin said...

Such a beautiful picture Grace. Saturdays are just not near as good as when daddy's around!