Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cyber Week has been thrilling, to say the least :)

This has been such a week for me, 
how about you?? 

I recently invested in a new Nikon D90 camera so that I can readily take and post pictures at any given "free" moment I have throughout my day and, since I opened the box, I now have an ENORMOUS respect for all of our my photographer buds, as well as my budding photographer mommy and daddy friends--definitely not as simple as 
just getting the perfect camera ...

I had so much hope to post bright new photos of our entire collection, including a bunch of new items just waiting to be listed!!!  BUT no.  The odds have been against me.  Tonight, I have edited and uploaded a few though, to be posted officially by tomorrow mid morning on my shop/collections page--fingers crossed :)

Here are some behind the scenes shots of one of my attempted shoots this week.  Lots of "little helpers":)  
They're why I love this business though--
I wouldn't trade these little enthusiastic, super supportive, will-work-for-Little Bird Product and candy canes
assistants for the world!

Remember 10% off through December 5th!  Just enter Coupon Code:  FLOCK in the 'Notes to Seller' box and wait for me to receive a new invoice before pressing Pay Now.  If this is confusing--Just contact me, I'll walk you through it, or reimburse your 10% via PayPal :)

ALSO!!!  Free Gift With Purchase this week!!!

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