Monday, December 6, 2010

The Little Bird Team and Crew!

Being a work from home mommy is fabulous, at least to me ;)  I have been fortunate enough to have enjoyed a full time career working out of my house since 2001, and because of that flexibility, I have been able to add in creating Little Bird Vintage Designs over these past 3~almost 4 years next month!!

I couldn't do it alone though.  I have the luxury of surrounding myself with lots of inspiration~via my kids, pictured here with Santa!

~and creative talent through my team :) 

**Staci Postema, the original creator and designer of the Ava Bird, was my original partner.  We were new mommy friends that would focus our kids play dates around creating and sewing!  She introduced me to Fiber Arts--painting on fabric and quilting, and my first Brother digital sewing machine :) (one of my most beloved items!!) The original Ava Bird was a gift to my Ava created by her :)

**Erin Wallace, my lovely Graphic Designer and Visual Imaging Artists, keeps me up-to-date visually and mentally :)  She has added so much to our entire look and style.  We have worked together and evolved creatively with Little Birds over the past 3 years now!  We've both grown our family together too--she now with 2, and me now with 3-almost 4!!!  She is the designer and creator of Leo the Lion and Maximus the Octopus and the soon to be announced--coming in January 2011--the latest addition to our Little Bird Family!   

Erin has a fabulous Blog that I follow regularly for tips on photography and craft ideas, and just to keep up to date on her adorable family and life--  Her graphic design site can be found at  I love the site and blog that she has created for Little Birds!

**David DeBeck with Odd-Designs is my Direct to Garment Print guy!  Super knowledgeable of wholesale apparel and eco friendly, kid safe print.  It was through him that we were able to introduce Leo Lion, Maximus Octopus to the Little Bird Family, along with lots of fun new product like our Totes, bibs and Adult Tees!!  Check out his operation at

**Stacey Lesly has been our Little Bird Artist these past 6 months!!  She has done such a fabulous job bringing consistency and quality to the Ava Bird, with her attention to detail and insistence to creative perfection on every bird produced, she has made such a difference in the quality of Little Birds.  She is a mommy of 2 and has been a mommy inspiration and friend of mine for the past 3 years.  I am thankful to have had her as a part of our team this year and I owe where Little Bird's is today to her efforts!

My husband, John, with Leo the Lion :)

Of course, none of this would be even possible without the constant support and encouragement I receive from my best friend and husband, John :)  He is always quick to offer his creative advice~and whether taken or not, it is always wonderful to know he appreciates this Little Bird venture as much as me.  

We hope to take Little Birds to the top together, one bird at a time :)


Check out our latest back at the shop and think of Little Bird as your one stop shop for Holiday gifts!!

Wishing you a season of Warmth, Love and Happiness~

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