Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Holidays--Over.

We had such a joyous Thanksgiving here in San Antonio, shared with my Oldest Brother and Sister-in-law and my two nieces, Caroline and Emma.  Lot's of quality cousin/niece/nephew/aunt/uncle time had be each, reminding us just how much we have to be Thankful for!  

The finished bird with Baby #4 in the background kicking away :)

I made a Truffle Butter Turkey and, although leaning, it turned out fabulous!  I forgot all about the stuffing, but nobody seemed to complain too much as long as there was plenty of Pie--which there was :)  It was a bittersweet Thanksgiving, my last one pregnant after 5 years of eating and devouring anything I wanted too ...

Back to reality today after we had quite an exciting departure.  Working on gearing up for a whole slew of new product pics and posts to shop from on Cyber Monday! 

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erin said...

Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving!