Tuesday, November 16, 2010

holiday mode fast approaching!

Red Bird
I feel like it has been such a long time since my last post ... A lot has happened and as all work from home mommy's know, no day is ever routine, no matter how hard you try.  My husband went from being totally absent for 12 days (he was out of the country) to back and at home more than ever right after and it totally threw me.  We mommy's are pretty adaptable and I'm way more organized and on top of things when I have no help around, but when I do have assistance, it's as if my system doesn't know how to operate!  I go haywire, and basically fall apart.  Husbands don't understand that ... Thankful to have a great one though, and after a lot of communicating we're finally finding our balance together again--he with his down time at home and me in my work from home mode with occasional help mode :)

Mistletoe Market Booth

This weekend was a perfect example of how we worked efficiently together as a team.  I was able to take Little Bird's to a local market here in San Antonio and enjoy a full day kid and worry free to interact with Little Bird fans, and he got to participate in a big local race here on Sunday.  We both enjoyed family time together, with a little solo time with all the kids mixed in for each as well as our own personal interests.  The perfect weekend :)

New Long-Sleeve Gear and Sock Shirts!!
Look for updated pictures of our collection just in time for holiday shopping, this week.  I have LOVED our new camera and the pictures are the proof that it was the perfect investment :)

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