Friday, November 5, 2010

Little Bird Giveaway #3!!! Ends Sunday-get entered today, it's a great one :)

THE 3rd Giveaway!!!

Since I am doing 2 product giveaways this month on the featured blogs below, I have decided to offer a  
Little Bird Discount GiveAway 

20% off of each of your entire little bird  order for the entire month of November!!!  

It's basically the giveaway that keeps giving and giving and giving and isn't that what November is all about???

And yes, not one, but 2 names entered will be drawn!  
Remember there are MANY ways to Enter multiple times, 
why not take advantage of all of the many ways :)  
Drawing Sunday, November 7th--5PM

How to Enter: 

*Leave a comment here at the Chirp

How to ENTER many times over:

*Become a member of our Flock by following us

*Visit our collection at little bird vintage designs and heart the shop, a specific item or two ... 
(each heart gets your name entered again :))

*Share this on your Facebook Page, 
be sure to Facebook us and tell me about it :)

*Tweet about us and 
then send me a tweet letting me know at littlebirdvint

*Purchase a Little Bird Item-
-Every item purchased ='s an entry :)

*Purchase a Little Bird donation item and get entered 2x's 
(once for your purchase, once for the item that will be donated)
Check out our branching out section to find out which items are highlighted.

*Blog about us on your Blog and get bonus entries for all the ones that say they heard about it via your Blog :)

*Send us a picture of your little bird enjoying their 
Little Bird gear!!

Since the drawing will not be until Sunday, November 7th, if you are the lucky entry drawn, all of your purchases until then will simply be reimbursed the 20% to you after Sunday November 7th.

This giveaway gets me excited!!!  
It's a one size fits all kind of deal :)


Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE Little Bird !!!!almost as much as I love Mama Bird,Grace.She is truly an inspiration to all that know her.All her designs are adorable for every "Little Bird"

little bird vintage designs said...

This anonymous quote just made my day :)

little bird vintage designs said...
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little bird vintage designs said...

Other entries include:

Comments Posted:
Jessica Burns
Cheron Patterson
Erin Wallace

Our newest flock Members
-Britt Dottolo

Our November Buyers so far:
Sonya Melville X 5 (one for each purchase)
Julie Herrick X 2
Cady Soukup

Sending in Pictures of birds out and about in November:
Christina Gil

Still time to add to the list!

little bird vintage designs said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Sonya and Amy are our winners of the 20% OFF November Purchases GIVEAWAY!!!

So excited for both of you :)