Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Week!

We are ready and rested up here at the Berios House!  Looking forward to a great week of holiday festivities and lots and lots of food and good company to enjoy it with :) 

I encourage you, as you stock up on holiday goodies for your own Holiday plans, to remember those in need and maybe try out the Brown Sack idea I have posted on our Branching Out section.  I actually have done it a couple of times and it was quite easy and cheap!  About $18.00 extra, but I bet you can even do it for less if your a coupon girl, or take advantage of 2 for 1 bargains.  

 We are having 2 of my 
nieces, Caroline and Emma, and their parents in to celebrate the Holiday week with us beginning Wednesday!  Having so much fun getting the house ready for 5 little people 4 and under!  

Check out the Shop on Black Friday 
throughout the week of Cyber Monday 
for some fantastic and unique, 
extremely special Christmas gift ideas!! 

And remember, Little Bird is giving 10% of all profits for the month of 
November to SAMMinistries-
-helping our Nest-less friends.  

And as always, our one for one blanket and 
lovie give drive is a year round venture.  
All donated blankets will be delivered throughout the month of December.

Let me know how creatively and inexpensively you worked in your holiday giving this year!

I am thankful this year for so much, you in particular :)

Wishing you a warm, loving, happy Holiday Season!!!


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