Friday, October 1, 2010

holy mole!

Do you ever wish to be critiqued?  For good--some critiques can be found in the positive, right?--and bad.   I was thinking over that last night while getting ready for bed.  I'm pregnant with our fourth child, so I guess if I were to be critiqued it would have to be done in such a way that is kind--I'm pretty sensitive and emotional these days ;)  

We all have personal quirks and things of ourselves we consider flaws, but I'd love to know, (some days) what other people might consider noticeable, negative, positive, questionable, of me.  For example, I have a mole that I hate, despise, dread to catch a glimpse of, directly under my right eye.  I would consider that one of my physical flaws, something that I would happily change.  My husband, on the other hand, considers it to be one of my uniquenesses and would probably not look at me nearly as lovingly if I were to one day just go and have it removed.  He thinks it's what makes me me.  (I personally think he's ensuring he'd always be able to pick me out of a line up!)

I also tend to not be a great listener, or at least feel that way after I've had a conversation with someone.  I try to be, and I actually really work to focus on it, making sure the other person knows they have my full attention, but then start focusing to much, I fear, and lose sight of the entire conversation all together ...  I feel so special when someone listens--truly listens to me.  What a gift.   It's something that I'm constantly working to improve upon.  Feel free to let me know when we're in conversation together the next time, if you feel I'm not giving you a 100%:)

Little Birds is a personal venture of mine.  I've been passionate about it's growth and success since day one back in 2007.  I take every compliment and comment and critique to heart.  I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions, even critiques at all times.  Especially as we try new things like introducing our new additions.  Just don't critique my models and we'll work well together :)

Wishing you a flawless day full of Warmth, Love and Happiness!


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