Thursday, September 30, 2010

Direct to Garment Printing: Just another way we're Greening Up!

A further note on our newest Direct Print Line 
to be debuted soon!!!

Maximus proudly shows off his (100% washable) new line :)

Direct to Garment Printing is Ecologically friendly and safe for the environment, there is very,very little waste and the ink is a stain that is water based.  It is sprayed on like an ink jet printer.
Screen Printing Inks have been known to have heavy metals in them that are not safe for the environment or safe if they come in contact with Children's skin.  There is waste that must be cleaned and flushed once the screen is to no longer be used.
Many Silk Screen Inks inks are petroleum based, and tend to leach carcinogenic chemicals from themselves in small doses.  Many of these chemicals continue to react even when laundered.

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