Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gourmet Caramel Apples~from home :)

Now, granted, the end product is not any where close to the beauty found at specialty gourmet apple shops ~ do they even have such a shop??  But I assure you, from many taste tests, looks are not everything :) The one thing I noticed in the end, when I bit into the decedent, rich, slice smothered messily in Chocolate, Caramel and crushed Candy, my first thought was, 'It didn't fall apart!'  Each bite was just as wonderful of an experience as the first :) 

To Start
Daddy and Maximus unwrap the Caramels for melting :)
Our Motto:  The uglier the better :)
So yummy!
I got the idea from A Little Tipsy's Blog--check it out for the recipe and her more beautiful end result :)

It's a messy undertaking, but for this 7 month pregnant lady, completely worth the effort!

Let me know how yours turn out :)


Michelle said...

Thanks for the shout out! Being 8 months prgnant I can appreciate the sweet tooth! Thus, the weekly cereal treat recipe posts. ;)

erin said...

Mmmm, looks delicious! Such a fun fall treat with the family. :-)

Hip Mountain Mama said...

These look wonderful...my girls would love this!