Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Secret Guilty Pleasure for a WAH-mostly solo-Mommy

Cinnamon Chip Scone-toasted to heat-accompanied by a strong, rich, no frills, latte--this is my morning pleasure for today-Sunday, 10/10/10.  A little guilty over it though, just a little.   It's another weekend of John (my adoring husband) having to work, me solo parenting it.  Our new church home in San Antonio is conveniently located .2 miles from a Starbucks (a couple locations actually) one way and Panera Bakery-today's choice indulgence-the opposite direction up the road.  It makes it all too convenient for me not to just drop the kids off, each settled in their Sunday School Classes, checked in with my cell number available if they were to need to locate me (it's a large church, so this is protocol :))I then walk inconspicuously back through the forward approaching crowd in the parking lot, get in  my car, turn off all toddler tunes and go enjoy a quite, relaxing, worry free hour to myself to slowly sip and devour my latte and pastry, catch up on thank yous, read, or just sit back and soak in the peace :)  

I feel as if I've stolen this hour all to myself, free of charge, free of pay back--Although I am a strong believer in and active Tither :)  The perfect escape.  And for the record--here's the guilt--I am usually early for the 11 o'clock service, ready to worship!

What's your guilty confession today?

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