Thursday, October 21, 2010

Have you seen the latest from Little Bird's????

Introducing our LATEST Collection just in time for Fall!!! 

Little Bird Vintage Designs

Bold Bright Long Sleeve Collection has arrived!!

Offered in 3 delectably warm colors sure to warm up your little bird as we approach the cooler seasons :) 

Raspberry, Navy and Smoldering Chocolate

Each can be found pictured on our Collections page at

***I apologize that the posted new pics are model-less. I was super excited to get them out there... I'll adjust and add more as they get captured worn and in action, but for now, just picture your little bird looking oh so chic, hip and adorably happy in them :)



Shana said...

I love this shirt! I'm going to check out your website right now...I would be happy to share photos of your products on my boys & niece if you I'm off to shop!

little bird vintage designs said...

Great Shana! I love that, If you send me pictures of your product being worn--I reimburse 10%:) Hoping for better photos soon, I'm working on my skills...

Anonymous said...

Have to get one of these for Hayes and Cooper. Need more options in the closet since my youngest insists on wearing little bird to sleep and to school!

little bird vintage designs said...

I love this comment :)