Monday, September 27, 2010


After a couple of crazy, way too early to be awake weekend mornings, we have officially decided that Leo is just not ready to share a room with Ava ... 

The Solution: John has sacrificed his master closet and we have decorated it and made it Ava's special room all to herself! She was so surprised and super excited to have her own GIRLS ONLY space all to herself.  

It was super easy too thanks to Target and wall decals.  I recommend thinking of re-purposing your closet:)

Needless to say, Monday met us all today with productive, ready souls and minds--invigorated for what the week holds ahead of us.  And as an added bonus:  A cool front arrived and is sticking around for a couple of days :)  

Can't wait to see what inspires us tomorrow!

Wishing you warmth, love and happiness~


1 comment:

melanie said...

Really, really cool!! Go Girls!
Love, Avia