Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"And, in the end..."

"And, in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make."--Sir Paul.  

My Mantra for the week.

What's yours?

Our Nest just recently relocated to San Antonio, Texas, and I find myself constantly still organizing and unpacking, getting everything all in place to take full advantage of this new fresh start!  I love new beginnings, just like new seasons, it's invigorating!  And, of course I seem to be always pregnant whenever we have relocated these past 5 years, so I'm always in constant nesting mode :) 

I'm a firm believer in change.  If it's not working, or to your liking, figure it out and make that change.  A constant song over takes me,  Micheal Jackson's, "Man in The Mirror", "if you want to make a difference in the world today, take a look at yourself and make that--Change" (I just wrote that with the song loud and proud in my heart, really getting into it, trying to get it to come across via text :))  Ah, reflecting on a great period of Micheal Jackson's career....  Back to the point of my reference though, I strongly believe that one person, especially one company, one group, can make a difference and a positive impact in the world through change.  Thus why Little Birds will only support and work with businesses and individuals that have that goal in mind: Making a difference in our world for the better.   We are soon to be promoting our newest line to our Nest:  The Direct Print Collection, featuring our latest additions:  Maximus the Octopus, and Leo the Lion (pictured).  
David Beck, of Odd Designs is our Direct Printing Artist.  He convinced us to go the Direct Printing route as a safer, more eco friendly option to Screen Print.  It doesn't peel or fade away, it's an absolutely gorgeous option, and we are sure you will be just as thrilled!!  

Our supplies for apparel are growing as we get larger, but we can assure you that we have researched and will continue to research each that we choose, to ensure that they are practicing the Fair Trade Law and have a mission to better the world that resounds throughout their company.  We have recently decided to offer companies that aren't solely American Made, but support economic growth and production in countries that need work as well, such as Haiti, who's economic recovery is largely dependent on these manufacturers.  As we introduce a new supplier, we will make a point to include the link so that you can research and feel safe and satisfied as well that you are making an informed purchase that is true to your values and beliefs.

Currently our suppliers are American Apparel--They offer a great 100% Organic Cotton Collection in an array of colors that we have been so pleased with.  Also, the are 100% USA Made.

We look forward to growing with you!  Let us know what you think--and stay tuned...

In Warmth, Love and Happiness~
Grace Berios

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