Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mom's dead...

Overheard Leo and Ava playing "Mommy and Daddy" ~A game I loath because it mainly involves them just whining back and forth for (pretend) Mommy and Daddy~  Leo called out for Mommy (Ava) and Ava's response was, "No, I'm big sister today, mommy's dead remember"... I interjected at this point to inquire why and what happened to mommy?? Their reply, "She jumped off the bridge lasterday (yesterday) into the river and a crocodile ate her up dead." "Why??" "She couldn't handle taking care of us anymore."  And then they went right back to playing. I was floored, and saddened ...

Here's some pics of Leo showing off his new 
DTG print this morning on the way to school.  
Debuting next week for purchase at and etsy!

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