Saturday, September 11, 2010

ETSY here we come!!

After a very humbling time in Dallas Market attempting to place Little Birds in the world of wholesale, I came to the realization that Little Birds was in the wrong target audience ... Being within the circle of retailers and fellow pushers of product, I realized Little Birds is indeed a very unique item and needed to be handled with care :) Not simply thrust out there in the masses, destined to get lost within the zillions of other lovies and appliqued products. No, Little Birds is a very individual product that deserves to be treated with dignity. We need to sell directly to the consumers, rather than to the retailers that sell to them.

Now that our Market experience is said and done for, Little Birds has regrouped, refocused and redirected! We are now highlighting our shop on

our company website, and blog. Since Little Birds will no longer be selling to wholesalers, the cost to you will be considerably lower. So come check us out and buy gifts for all the fledglings in your life!

We are an ever evolving product, but we still keep our main mission in flight: To enthuse warmth, love and happiness to the world, one little bird at a time.

And really, truly stand by the fact that one business can make a difference.

We hope you will join our plight and follow us!

In Warth, Love and Happiness--


***New Prices are reflected on our etsy page, soon to be updated on our website. ***

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