Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence and Giveaways! Who could ask for more??

So excited to be the featured giveaway on
Ginny Sheller's Small Things Blog :)!!

Happy Independence Day to ALL! 

3 of our now 4 ... 4th of July 2009:)

We're having a wonderful day here, organizing, decluttering, maybe catch a train ride as we picnic lunch, rest, swim and then taking the kids to our favorite BBQ joint:  Rudy's--one of the 3 original locations, just another wonderful reason to love San Antonio--for dinner.  We're too young to stay awake for fireworks, they get cranky or super hyper and giddy after 7 ... But we are definitely going to try to make the most of celebrating our Freedom together.  

What are your plans for today?

Check out the giveaway, it's a good one :)

Wishing you a day of Warmth, Love and Happiness and FREEDOM~

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