Friday, January 27, 2012

Joy Found!

There's just something about a crisp, sunny--absolutely gorgeous on all accounts--Friday that gets me going :) 

I have had so much fun getting back in the swing of working Little Birds in now that the New Year has had a chance to settle in.  

Of course, as much as I would love for it to be, it's not always able to be a main priority of mine.  I'm a mommy and wife and Christian first, homeowner/homemaker and all that comes with those titles, second, and career person--a 3rd party consultant with a Louisiana based company, third.  Creative Mompreneur usually falls 4th if not further down the list, sometimes beaten out by Party Planner/Event Coordinator or Park Ranger or Crossing Guard, depending on my little people's celebrations and activities of the day, week or month;) 
I'm actually pretty cool with it though. 

But TODAY was extra special, and I adore days like these. Not only was it gorgeous, not only did Kalliope and I get out in it, we shared it with friends by walking together to lunch at a new bakery in town, and by the time we got back, it had warmed up to shorts weather--which we both immediately donned--and right in time for her afternoon nap and my afternoon creative time!  

Excited to be painting Bird's (pictured above), Lion's, Octopus and 
Gecko's this next week!!!  

Stay tuned for items for sale shortly--including the debut of Kaki the Gecko, whose namesake (also pictured) just turned 
1 year's old this past weekend :)  
Kalliope Jude, a 1 year old now!!
 And the debut of our new Labels!! 

Wishing you and your little bird Warmth, Love, and Happiness~

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