Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy 2012!

Entering our 5th year 
in business!!!

January is such a special time to me.  January 7th, 2007 is the official birthdate of Little Bird Vintage Designs.  So long ago I started this company alongside the Ava Bird Designer, Staci Postema, my best mommy friend at the time.  She and her little family were moving from Corpus Christi, Texas all the way to Portland, Oregon, and it was a last attempt to keep connected in creativity even with distance--and we did!  Little Birds took off faster than we could have imagined together and gained quite a following in Corpus Christi, which was so neat to witness and be in the middle of!  Demand grew great for Staci to keep up with a new full time job and distance, so I continued on with our dream of success solo, adding on our now Graphic Designer, Erin Wallace of She is also the Creator of our Leo Lion, Maximus our Octopus and New Kaki, the Gecko.  Little Bird's has been so blessed to have her on our team :)

In 2010, we went from being a wholesaler to direct to sale retailer through our current Etsy shop and we've been flying high since!  Through the 5 years in business I've been able to grow it alongside our growing family.  Starting with our Ava Bird--now 5 1/2 years old, we've had 3 more beautiful, spirited, enthusiastic additions to our Nest, all for the better!  Now, with our Nest officially complete, we look forward to wowing you in 2012 with our 4 New styles and designs.  Additional animals added to our Lovie and Sport Blanket collections and more color options to our Appliqued Tee's.  We offer matching totes in 100% Organic Material.  AND since our ages are growing, we are offering many more sizes from infant to Youth to even mommy and daddy sizes :)  

I thank you for your consistent support as we consistently grow, and stretch and fly here.  Through you, our flock, we have been able to really give back to Birds in Need through our Branching Out projects--In 2011, we donated over 40 Sport's Blankets to SAMMinistries, an organization that supports families in need,  and $150 to relief in Japan from it's Tsunami in April.  I hope to only increase our giving in 2012!  Please share any ideas that you might have for Little Bird giving or pictures of your Bird being worn or loved!  We'll highlight them on our FB page!

We have a NEW Etsy Shop Name:  LittleBirdVintDesign, a little more direct than gracelbvd ;)  Please visit towards the end of the month as much will be available to purchase again!!  

Thank you again!  And HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Here's to Fresh Starts:)

Wishing you WARMTH, LOVE and Happiness!

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