Friday, July 1, 2011

"Hey, where's Atticus??"

Ava B and Atticus:)
Ava has been taking Atticus, her infant who shares a wonderful wardrobe with Kalliope Jude, to American Girl Camp this week.  It's a week long camp of making things and crafting alongside your baby:)  Both have LOVED it, and she's made such cute things for her.  Today is their final day together, and what happened??  We forgot Atticus ... had to go all the way back home to get her.  Ava was so sad at herself for the oversight.  I assured her it's a mother's worst fear, to have that mental check list and realize something, or worse--someone had been forgotten.  It's not easy being a mommy, and it's a lot of responsibility to make sure everything and everyone is cared for all the time, day in, day out.  I think it was a great life lesson moment for her and a reminder to me just how lucky I am to be a mommy and, by being a mommy I get that unique power to juggle so much and somehow, someway keep everything running forward and in sync, most of the time ;)  
Here's to mommy power!

Happy Independence Day weekend!!  We are so thankful to be sharing it with our Avia and Papa David who are making a special trip down to San Antonio this weekend to enjoy it with us!  

Wishing you a perfect end to your week:)

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