Sunday, July 10, 2011

July 10th, 2004 :)

Seven years ago today I woke up anxious, a little under pressure, a bit stressed, but excited and ready for the day!  I gathered my tools, flowers, coffee, and headed to 
First United Methodist Church in Downtown Shreveport, Louisiana to finish setting the stage for the perfect summer evening garden party celebration one could create inside a church gymnasium :) I was the floral choreographer to the most important event of my life thus far, our wedding. 

It was a week full of family and help and love, just as John and I wanted.  So thankful to have parents who were on board with letting us have it and going along with our plans, filling needs and major roles in and out of their comfort zone—like florist for my mom and event coordinator for Dad.  I am so thankful for my brothers throughout the entire event, Jude and Taunton and Blayne took charge of the entire big picture, ensuring the little details were attended to.  The night would not have been so perfect and beautiful if it hadn’t been for them, and then afterwards, with the help from my other brother, Daniel, they coordinated the clean up/tear down!  I guess all those Student Council Days of event planning and 
stage set up and tear down paid off :)

My favorite memories were made throughout the entire week leading up to this day.  On this day, I was joined by my brothers, mom and dad, family friends, my two Matron’s of Honor—and best friends, to do the final 
preparations and help me transition 
from florist to bride:)

John and I wanted to keep the wedding as intimate as possible, each having our closest friends by our side.  It was only fitting that Josh Young and Julie Anderson were our Best Man and Matron of Honor since it was with the two that John and I first met and became friends during Spring Break, ’99.  And it was Julie’s wedding in 2001 when we had our first date together—and we’ve been together ever since:) Dave McCall and Jessica McHugh Burns, were our besties too up there.  Although they had nothing to do with us as a couple, they each were such a significant part in our individual lives as friends and still are.  Our siblings and my sister-in-law Sonya were standing with us as well, which was important to each of us.  Gracey Jayne, my namesake and 3 year old niece was our flower girl :) My Father walked me down the aisle, and then married us.   It was definitely a beautiful 
 We were surrounded by love, and it showed! 
John and I are still two very strong individual people with a constant emphasis on unity in all that we do, and in each of our decisions and choices that have been laid before us since that day.  Our lives are better together and more full with each year that passes, especially when you count each impending birth, birth and 
delivery we’ve shared.

I feel so blessed to be 
Mrs. Grace Melville Berios :)
Here's to year 8!

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erin said...

Happy Anniversary Grace. Sounds like such a perfect day. I love your dress and hair and you are simply glowing in these pictures. Love that first one!! :-)