Thursday, June 30, 2011

Work's out for summer!!! YAY:)

My first time grilling :)  LOVED it!

June 30th is always such a fantastic day of the year for me, it marks the official start of summer within my job--I am a consultant to Louisiana School Systems that facilitates Medicaid Reimbursement back into their parish.  I yawn as I write this, which is the response I get when people ask what it is that I do... It's all for the greater good though, and that's what matters.  BUT my CFO's for each parish tend to designate the month of July to take off for the summer, and that is totally fine by me :)  I love the freedom and excitement of thinking towards my July plans. 

This month, my 2 boys will be in camp at their school from 8:30-3:00 each day, Ava will be at Soccer Camp in the AM, and hanging with Kalliope and me until we pick up the boys everyday.  I plan on soaking in that time with her and inviting her to join in on some Little Bird projects that we'll be excited to debut throughout the month:)  She's so excited to have the time, I am so looking forward to letting her create uninhibited with younger sibs!  She's getting so big, it will be such a joy to have just full attention on enjoying real quality time and projects together, 
looking forward to the outcome:)
Taken after a very long day of potty training

Tonight I'm kicking the month off by going to Painting with A Twist, my latest joy.  I haven't been able to go since February, so I'm thrilled!  

Wishing you a summer break today :)


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