Saturday, April 9, 2011

Branching Out -- For Japan Part 2

LOVING and appreciating all the fun feedback and support for our 
Branching Out for Japan project!!  

This past week my Little Bird Crew flocked together with fellow Little Bird Fans and Lovers in Austin, Texas 
for a Melville Family Retreat!  

These little birds are the reason 
I LOVE what I do :)
Cooper Eliza Melville, A HUGE Little Bird Fan :)  And my youngest niece.

My niece and Namesake, Gracey Jayne Melville, 9 years old, my oldest niece :)
While we were there, Little Bird received several orders that I get to prepare 
and send out to day :)  
All in support of Japan Relief! 

Currently enjoying a relaxing Saturday morning at home, it's amazing how being away, even on a super fun adventure, can make you appreciate just being at home:) Love!

Wishing you a day full of Warmth, LOVE and Happiness--