Friday, April 20, 2012

Kalliope Our Gecko has officially arrived to the NEST!!

Introducing our final addition to our now absolutely complete Nest!

 Kalliope Our Gecko, 

for our Spunky Kalliope Jude

This LBVD creation was inspired by her Papa Bird,  and created by Our Designer Bird, Erin Wallace, 
of Erin Wallace Designs, adored and approved by me :) 

We tossed around a whole slew of animals trying to find THE perfect one to represent our Kalliope in the Family business--much like a couple does when searching for the perfect name :)  Kangaroo, Koalas, Chameleon, Monkey ... I even thought Star Fish???  

We have Air--Our elegant Signature Ava Bird 
Land-- Our strong and clever Leo the Lion
Water--Our handsy happy Maximus our Octopus

Amphibian? Reptile!? Tree Frog? --Ava nixed that and then it came to us--or Daddy B., I should say ...  A GECKO!!!  
He even posed to give a visual.  

I hope you love her as much as we do:) 

She's available in 100% Organic Spun Cotton (ultra soft and comfy) Tees, rompers, gowns, Lovies and Sports Blankies and of course do not forget your matching tote. :) 

(All Kalliope Gecko products are available for 
purchase in our ETSY Shop.)

All Profits from Kalliope the Gecko's Debut will go to help fund the Adoption of Laney Love, to read more about this beautiful love story and how you can get in on the action go to  { dandelion dream }

Would LOVE Feedback!

Wishing you warmth, love and happiness 

all the days of your life :)

~Big Mama Bird

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