Monday, August 15, 2011

So much for Perfect Attendance this year...

That's right, who in the world misses the first day of school when not on a planned vacation or ill???? We do ...  

I was so psyched about celebrating the last week of summer with my crew this week, that I didn't even realize school actually began today for 2 of my 3 heading off to school this year.  

We had a great day accidentally playing hooky though:)--turned it in to a full day of State Parking it!
We had such a fun spur of the moment Family day together, we checked out Guadalupe State Park--wondering where everyone was??  Why weren't they all out soaking in the last bit of summer with us???
And here we are at Canyon Lake State Park, because, why not? 

Rounded off the day enjoying some ice cream and Rudy's Barbeque, it was a GREAT Day :)  

 Check out this montage of Maximus, true to form and true to the shirt he's sporting! 
Our Octopus ...

By the end of the night though, especially after the sugar low came roaring through and the effects of no nap times shined brightly and LOUDLY,  John and I are more than overwhelmed with joy, and a bit of giddiness, of having 2 in school for the remainder of the week ;)

Here's to an early Fresh Start tomorrow to 2011-2012 School year--Yay!!

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