Wednesday, December 7, 2011

To Give!!

It's been a total of 15 months since Little Bird Vintage Designs revamped and took a new fresh look at the future through Etsy, the world of blogging, Facebooking, Tweets, and GIVING ... This company began back in January, 2007 with a desire to make a difference and impact in Eli (The designer of the original Ava Bird's, son) and Ava's world, and now, 5 years later, I'm proud to say that it has--Not only for each of those, but their siblings as well--and hopefully more little birds out there 
throughout the world :)

Since August, 2010, I made a goal to go it solo via my website/blog and Etsy store.  We've had 1 more addition to our nest--Kalliope Jude, or Gecko!  Our loyal fans have been so patient as Little Bird grows both in business, but also within our personal nest ;)  In the 5 years, it's been fun looking back and seeing how for 6 months we'd revamp and grow and strengthen, then I'd have another baby, we'd take a few months off, reintroduce a new animal into our nest and get right back to revamping and growing and strengthening!  That's what I'm most thankful for these days--that I can have a business that I LOVE and adapt it around the natural needs I feel are important in my goals and priorities as a mother and in raising my family.  I am thankful for Little Birds especially because it allows me to oporate in front of my children on a daily basis under the understanding how great it is to make a successful business so that we can, in turn, help others with it and make a positive difference in the world we live ...  And that's exactly what we're celebrating this holiday season in the Berios house--Giving!  

How can we be more elflike?  Making something for someone else and giving it to them, of course ;)  (My kids are wanting to be elves these days).  So they have been helping me in my workshop making blankets to give from each of the blankets sold throughout these past 15 months--40+!   My goal these next few weeks as we're gathering up the blankets and preparing them to be given, is to keep you, the reason we have so much to give in the loop!  I would love to hear how your bird blanket is being loved!  Comment below :)

Wishing you Warmth, LOVE and Happiness from our Nest to yours this Holiday Season :)



leemeandthegirls said...

Hollyn LOVES her 'banket' SOOOOO much! It's her favorite! She loves it so much, in fact, that just this morning she drug it through the snow so she could take it to 'school' with her. :) Thanks again for ALL you do! And if you ever want to do another giveaway on my blog or guestpost or ANYTHING, just say the word. :) -McCall

A company for little birds young and old:) said...

Yay! So glad she loves it :) Thanks for your comment!